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Strategic Planning
  • Are you ready to franchise? What steps can you take to get your business ready for franchising? How do franchisors find good franchise candidates?

    • Our team works diligently to answer these questions for you and more. We  conduct a detailed gap assessment to understand the unique nuances of your business and how it fits within its respective industry. We’ll help you identify pre-existing systems that can be rolled into the franchise offering and help you create systems that can be implemented to make your franchisees as successful as possible.

FDD and FA
  • The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is a required legal document that is provided to Franchise prospects during the recruitment process. 

  • The Franchise Agreement (FA) governs the relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee. 

  • Our team has experience with hundreds of FDDs and FAs in a multitude of industries. Having this context allows us to draft documents that protect the franchisor without pushing away franchisees.  

  • Franchising is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission which mandates that  FDDs must be registered in certain states. In other states, the FDD must go through  a filing process. In all states, prospects must be properly disclosed with their documents. We are here to help you with annual filings, compliance changes, and continued support. 

Trademark and Legal
  • Intellectual property is a major piece of franchising. The very nature of franchising is  granting franchisees the rights to your IP. Our team handles the trademark process from filing to ongoing monitoring. 

Franchise Development
  • Franchise Founders delivers a comprehensive Franchise Development and Recruitment Strategy for its partners.  

  • Together we determine the ideal model for franchisees of the business,  whether it is appropriate to pursue Area Developers or Master Franchisees, annual development plans, where to source franchisee candidates, how to guide candidates through the recruitment process, and more.  

  • Having a comprehensive integrated marketing communications plan is critical to the  success of a franchise system. We provide the know-how to build brand equity through your marketing strategy. It is important to consistently refine approaches to bring candidates into the franchise. Franchisors should also support their franchisees and provide them with the templates, collateral and guides to drive their own marketing success in their territory.

  • Franchisees expect time-tested methodologies and standard operating procedures that they can use as a guide to operate their own unit. Our team brings decades’ worth of operations expertise to assist in the creation of proprietary franchise material,  including operations manuals, training programs, opening checklists and more.

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