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Patriot Broadband is America’s only wireless internet service provider franchise company. We have a mission to bring reliable, fast and secure internet connections to rural and remote communities. Using advanced fiber optics and radio wave frequency, a strong and fast signal is delivered to customers through a Wi-Fi router. Founded by US Air Force veteran Rodney Ballance, Jr., Patriot Broadband offers franchisees an investment opportunity that will also be an investment in their community.


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Sparklean is a Mall Cart concept that sells all-natural cleaning solutions primarily used to clean jewelry and eyeglasses. Sparklean owns and operates 14 successful mall carts in 13 locations throughout the United States. The original Sparklean is a family business with a strong track record of financial performance and a high performance sales model. The eco-friendly products were formulated by Manual Sanchez 17 years ago. In 2005, Manuel’s sons, Daniel and Juan, built a successful business manufacturing and retailing the Sparklean product in malls and in 2018 they partnered with the professionals at Franchise Founders to expand their brand and business through franchising.


Sasquatch is a modality of high intensity training that focuses on education, safety and efficacy in order to achieve the best results possible for our members. But, to those that care to stick around, Sasquatch is so much more. Sasquatch is a journey from illness to wellness; from insecurity to confidence; from barely being able to stand up, to lifting your grandkids up when they want to be held. We create fitness for life. We want our members to live longer, and live better.

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