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Patriot Broadband is America’s only wireless internet service provider franchise offering. Patriot’s mission is to bring reliable, fast, affordable, and secure internet to rural and underserved communities. After thorough analysis, our team deploys the most appropriate infrastructure for our franchisee’s market and supports them in serving their communities’ internet needs.


Bobby’s restaurants have consistently delivered a terrific culinary experience to customers in the New Jersey area for over 20 years. Together, we look to bring the same delicious food and unbelievable convenience to neighborhoods across the country.


For nearly 100 years, Rizzieri has set the standard in beauty throughout the Garden State and beyond. They established the first beauty school in New Jersey, educating generations of stylists and barbers. Rizzieri salons, spas, and barbershops are fueled by friendly professionalism, dedication to clients, and the pursuit of excellence.


First, there was love. Fried chicken came later. Love & Honey Fried Chicken has become a neighborhood favorite, receiving local and national praise in the press.


Bubbles Tea & Juice Company began in the Historic North Market in 2005 with a vision to impact the lives and health of our customers one drink at a time.


Doughnuts, a distinctly American breakfast-snack-dessert pastry with representations in virtually every culture, have a special place in the lives of New Yorkers.

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