The Franchise Founders Group

A group of experienced and successful entrepreneurs and executives formed Franchise Founders to partner with business owners to launch and grow successful franchises.  We specialize in partnering with multi-unit business owners who have a proven business model and want to explore using franchising to grow their brand.

Franchise Founders provides guidance and develops a strategic plan based on proven growth techniques. 

We provide experienced management and partner with business founders to oversee the plan from the initial franchise development work to the sale and management of franchises.

Partners On Your Team | Partners On Your Journey | Partners In Your Success

We partner with business owners who are experts in their industry, have a commitment to excellence, and have integrity. We want to work with individuals who value the expertise we have and understand how it can complement their own knowledge and experience.

Our goal is to become your most trusted partner, friend, and your sounding board.  Our priority is to truly understand your business and the key drivers of your success, as well as your pain points, so that we can provide support where you need it most.


We know from first-hand experience that building a company can be lonely at times.  Our team is there for you when it’s time to make a pivotal decision and you don’t have anyone who really understands.  We know what it's like to lay awake at night with the business weighing heavy on your mind; let us help carry that weight.

Our Team
Lily Tapia

Board Chair

Stewart Newman

Chief Executive Officer

Andres Gaviria

Business Development

Rob Davis

Director of Strategy

Dimitry Shaposhnikov


Chelsea Pillsbury

PR / Marketing

Alex Cordero

Business Analyst

Jason McReynolds

Franchise Management / Legal

Grace Pillsbury

Branding & Copywriting

Joshua Reed

VP of Operations

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